Wargames.my 2020 write-up: misc – defuse the bomb

First, list the content of the zip file

$ unzip -vl bomb.zip

Notice that one of the CRC32 value is different. We need to extract that single file.

$ unzip bomb.zip 7.zip

Next, repeat the steps above with the new archive that you just got until you get to this point:

I was unsure what to do at this point because I thought this was another bomb, so I transferred this file into a VM and extracted it. Turns out it was not. Then I executed strings flag.txt in the terminal, but it turns out the whole file is a string. Actually the flag is at the end of the file. I discovered this by using the tail command

$ tail flag.txt

It will throw out a long string of ‘w‘, but in the end you will get your flag.


https://github.com/ctfs/write-ups-2015/tree/master/asis-quals-ctf-2015/forensic/keka-bomb ASIS Quals CTF 2015: Keka Bomb

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